To Update The Servers

					Get the external drive labelled "server backups" from the middle drawer on the left of chamberlains desk.
Take the drive into the back room and remove the guard on the server labelled Valhalla and plug the drive into the right usb port.
On a computer in the classroom use chrome and type "" into the address bar. The log in for esxi is the same for your log in for class. (Server Admin accounts only)
Go to virtual machines and click on "Odin" click on "Edit" and click on "Add other device" and then "USB device" select Western Digital My Passport 25E2. Press save and click on the window of the virtual machine to be taken to Odins desktop.
Click on "Actions" and then "Guest OS" "Send Keys" and "ctrl-alt-del" and log in using your profile in class. (Server Admin accounts only)
Use the start menu and type "Windows Server Backup" open it.
The Snap-in on the left has the option to to perform "Local Backup" the snap in on the right has an option to backup select it and go through the menu that pops up and select the following options "Backup Once, Different options, Full server, local drive select "my passport" and hit backup.
After backup is finished go back to and click on Odin then "Edit" and press the small x next to the hard drive. Put the hard drive in Chamberlains desk when you are finished.
For Friia do the exact same process but replace "" with "" and replace all mentions of Odin with Friia.
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