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Welcome to 24PinTech, we are now open for the 2020/2021 school year. Scroll down the site to learn more about us and stay tuned, thank you for choosing 24PinTech!


We are Pro Certified!

All students are either pro certified and/or are working towards additional certifications from TestOut. Check out to learn more about their awesome and innovative programs!

Who are we?

We are a part of the MHS Cisco Academy here at Maricopa High School in Maricopa, Arizona. We are second and third year students in the Computer Maintenance program. Most of us have our TestOut PC pro certification and are working to apply the skills we have learned in a real life business situation. 24 Pin Tech is a fully functing IT support business that not only helps student and staff with their IT issues, but we completely support the schools CTE department as well!

Is free too good to be true?

Under normal circumstances this is true, however 24PinTech is anything but normal! Our techs will diagnose and work on your devices for free. If parts are needed you purchase them, with the guidance of our expert staff, and we install them!

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24PinTech offers support for personal device repair or CTE equipment repair, but not District provided equipment.

0 %

of our repairs are done on phones/tablets!

(battery/screen replacements & more)

0 %

of our repairs are done on desktops (PC & Mac)!

(software/hardware problems & more)

0 %

of our repairs are done on laptops!

(screen replacements & more)

0 %

of our repairs are on other unique devices!

(game consoles, old machines, etc.)


Our service is located in room 118 in Mr. Chamberlain’s room.


The only thing you have to pay for is any replacement parts you may need.


The 24PinTech staff consists of all 2nd and 3rd year IT students.


Nothing needed to be better. They did great job!
Cassondra Utz
Satisfied Customer
Outstanding service and communication skills!
Rachel Connary
Satisfied Customer
The service was very professional. I appreciate the techs coming to pick up my phone when they were ready to repair it.
Mrs. Chin
Former Teacher @ MHS & Satisfied Customer

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Our list of Award Winners who were previosly on our team


— certifications listed below name —

Kevin Murdock

PC Pro

Security Pro

Network Pro

Server Pro 2016:Install & Storage


Omar Perez

PC Pro

Security Pro

Network Pro


Kameron Napier

PC Pro

Linux Pro


Brian Petersheim

PC Pro


Joseph Gonclaves

PC Pro


Koby Wahl


The Chambinator

Spin-Doctor & Deity

More Coming Soon

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